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Ractive Tutorial

Posted by Promesante on October 09, 2016 · 2 mins read

Porting Ractive Tutorial from Javascript into Urlang

As proposed in previous post

My next step here will be similar, but based on another, slightly more sophisticated example, among the ones supplied with Urlang; most likely, the one interoperating with Ractive.

So, I’ve ported a tutorial on Ractive, from Javascript to Urlang, and will share that experience in this post, and the resulting code in my GitHub repo.

Picked tutorial is the second example supplied in the excellent tutorial available in Ractive’s site: the one on nested properties. Starting with the HTML page supplied in the 60 second setup section, I kept adding the code snippets given in each step of the tutorial, and ended up with the HTML file available in this post’s GitHub repo mentioned above.

Among the examples related with Ractive supplied with Urlang, I’ve picked two as starting points on Urlang’s side:

For each of them I’ve coded a counterpart, listed below, ported from the Ractive HTML file mentioned above:

My next step will be similar, but based on another one of the Urlang examples: the one targeting Raphael. My plan is to cross-fertilize it with another example of Raphael, but implemented in Clojurescript: I will try to port each of them to the other platform, in order to compare Urlang with Clojurescript.

Then, I will try to begin to interoperate with Facebook’s React. In a similar fashion with the step depicted in the previous paragraph, I will follow the guidance of wrappers around React implemented in Clojurescript:

Till then !